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14 Things To Do While You Move Home


These 14 tips for moving home will ensure that your move is quiet and worry-free. Following these tips will ensure that you don’t overlook a single thing. Moving home can be the most nerve-wracking times of your life.

  1. Make sure you read the small print when choosing your removals firm. Some companies refuse to ensure any boxes that haven’t been packed by one of their employees. Make sure that they will be responsible for all damages when your items are with them.
  2. Take your valuable possessions to be valued. This is for insurance purposes if something goes missing during the move.
  3. You will need to inform the council(s) of your move. This is because different councils have different council tax rates.
  4. As long as your old things are in good condition, a charity shop will be happy to take them. So go through all your old clutter and decide what you will and won’t need in your new home. Anything you have that’s not working can be thrown away or recycled.
  5. You will need to give your new address to your friends, family, building society, bank, credit card provider, insurance company, DVLA, Inland Revenue, TV license, phone supplier, store loyalty cards and any donations you have.
  6. Take one box and pack all the things you will need on your first night inside. This could include items such as a duvet, first aid kit, kettle, crockery, shampoo, towels, change of clothes, soap, toilet paper, and scissors. Some people like to categorize their boxes according to the room. However, you do need to remember that you may not be able to unpack everything on day one.
  7. Before leaving your old home, make sure you read your electricity and gas meters. You should also do the same when you reach your new home.
  8. Double check the attic and all other rooms to ensure that you have not left anything behind in your old house.
  9. Notify your present energy supplier that you are moving household and whether you’ll be remaining to use their facility in your new household.
  10. Your broadband and telephone supplier will need to know that you are moving, as will all your other utility providers.
  11. It may make sense to put all similar things into one box. However, you need to bear in mind the weight of the box. It will be difficult to live and may cause somebody an injury.
  12. Your old house could be inhabited by anyone. What happens if they open a letter from your bank and they gain access to your account? Has your post forwarded for at least half a year after you’ve vacated your old house?
  13. If your insurance company has not been told of your new address, they can decline to pay out. Therefore, as soon as possible you should change the address on all your insurance policies.

When kids are around the stress of moving will be increased. Have a friend or a family member watch your kids while you get the house ready to inhabit.

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