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Causes And Preventive Measures Of Blocked Drains


Blocked drains are the most common problem which is daily faced by many people in the world. Blocked drains can cause a lot of mess like corrosion occurs, leaking problem occurs, overflow, electrical damages and another difficulty is that water drainage process become very slow and take a lot of time. There are several things which can get stuck into the drainage pipes and caused blocked drains which can lead to extreme results. If the blockage is not treated properly on time then it can be dangerous. It can not only crack even break the pipes and cause damage to the floor, ceilings and walls etc.  Drainage repair can be very costly so better to take precautions. Here are described few common causes of blocked drains.  



Hair is the most common cause of blocked drains. Apparently hair seems to be quite delicate but can cause serious problems. As the hair can bind with soap and grease and stuck into the water drainage system causing blocked drains. No matter if your hair length is short or long.

It will create a problem in your washroom. Hence the best way to prevent blocked drains is to take greater care. Make sure that all the drains have safety guards that will catch the hair before they can reach in the drainage system. This trick will solve your problem. Another thing which should be kept in mind is to clean these drain guards on regular basis.


You are thinking that how a tiny soap which we use is responsible for blocked drains? The reason behind this is a fact. Actually the soap ingredients contains a reasonable amount of fat which in reaction with water gives a hard residue named as soap scum which can clog the pipes and cause blockage of drains.

The solution is you don’t use soap and use liquid wash material like face wash, body wash etc. Also use a lot of water pressure in the pipes to further clean the soap material. In this way you can get your drains unblocked.


Excessive toilet paper, women personal products like makeup wipes, sanitary pads , tissue paper etc all of these things are responsible for toilet blocked drains. These things can get easily stuck into the pipes.

So make sure to throw these waste products in dust bin. If the blockage is minor then you can fix it with the help of plunger otherwise if a major blockage occurs then you have to call for drain unblocking services, they will send an expert plumber to unblocked drains.

Grease Of The Kitchen

Never throw your cooking grease into the wash basin because when the oil grease cools down it can create a blockage in pipes. To prevent this situation you can use grease remover drain cleaner. This grease blocks the water passage through the pipes. So avoid washing dishes which contain cooking grease. Waste it in the garbage to prevent pipe blockage.

Tree Roots And Leaves

Try to maintain your garden as the drains are blocked by natural debris, tree leaves and extra rain water. Tree roots are also responsible for clogging drains because the underground roots reach the nearest water source and water drainage becomes difficult. So try to keep your outdoor place and garden clean and maintained to prevent blocked drains.

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