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How To Make Your Driveway More Attractive By Block Paving


Block paving started gaining popularity in the late 90s, where a limited number of choices were available for colour, shape and style for the block paving. With time, the addition of designs, colors and shapes made them a preferable choice over other choices available for a driveway. There are a number of companies that offer materials for driveways like the Driveways High Wycombe and others to help you add elegance and beauty to your driveway. However, you can make your driveway more attractive by making a choice of the right material, colour, shape and style for the block pavings.


With time, the choice of materials used for creating a block paving has come down to clay and concrete, where both differ in terms of their pros and cons, which are listed below for each material.

Concrete Paving:

  • A concrete paving is cheaper and is available in a number of shapes and accurate sizes.

  • There is a great choice in terms of block depth and textures.

  • Their colour gradually fades away with time, thus exposing the aggregate over time.

  • They have a life span of around 20 years.

Clay Paving:

  • A clay paving is an expensive choice and also hard-wearing one.

  • There are a number of patterns available for this type, where the colour doesn’t fade with time.

  • These are harder to cut and are prone to the growth of moss.

  • They have a limited choice of rectangular and square shapes and that of the block depth.

  • These last longer than their counterparts.

Block Paving’s Color

The choice of color of the paving is essential for an attractive driveway, where the choice must be based on the color of bricks of your house and surrounding area. Choosing an appropriate color needs you to follow your instinct, while there isn’t any guide to help you make a choice. However, it is advised to make a choice of the color that complements with the surroundings to make the driveway look attractive.

Style & Shape

In terms of style, there are a number of styles available nowadays that can be chosen from, again according to the surroundings. For instance, a modern paving won’t look good with a traditional surrounding and vice versa. So, you must choose from different style categories available in the market, where some common categories available include tumbled, decorative, standard rectangular and some special applications.

After the choice of style, shape of the paving is also essential to choose. While, London and the rest of Britain is fond of rectangular shape for driveway pavings, but there are a number of other shapes available in the market. Other shapes that are commonly available in the market include the S-blocks and the W-blocks, while the tooth shaped blocks offer a better rotational interlock, thus able to stand out in case of a heavier traffic also.

Thus, you must make a thorough research of the market to get a knowledge of different shapes, sizes and other aspects of a block paving. In the end, choose a block paving from a reliable manufacturer like the Driveways High Wycombe to get a long lasting product.

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