Tips and Tricks to Make Your Garden the Envy of the Neighborhood


For some people, the garden is the perfect way to demonstrate wealth or simply show pride in a home. Usually, a well-manicured garden will catch the attention of passers-by for all of the right reasons and will tend to make your home the talk of the neighborhood.

Unfortunately, with more and more homeowners possessing less and less time, it’s not always easy to keep up to speed with a garden. In fact, people have gone on the record to claim that home gardening is a full-time job and is simply not manageable for someone who is unable to dedicate several hours of their week to it.

Unless you can afford a professional gardener, it’s almost impossible to bring your outside area up to the eye-candy standard that some people aim for. However, there are several tips that you can follow to at least make your garden look respectable in exchange for barely any time at all…

Aerate your lawn

Any reader that is a member of a golf course will have probably seen this technique deployed on numerous occasions. One of the main reasons why the grass on most golf courses is so lush is because of the aerating methods that the ground staff use. This simply involves punching small holes into the lawn using specialized equipment, with this said to improve the drainage and circulation. This is especially important if your lawn gets a lot of traffic and is therefore compact, with the aeration allowing more soil movement in the future.

Perfect your paving grout

Anybody that has walked up a footpath which has weeds growing out of the joints will probably agree with this tip. Most footpaths, the old ones, in particular, were poorly laid either because of cheap materials or bad workmanship. Therefore, if your footpath is in need of improvement, acquire some decent paving grout such as the one available from Sov Chem and redo the joints. You’ll manage to eradicate all of the cracks and weeds and generally make it a much nicer path to walk on.

Deadhead your flowers

Many flowers happen to die off during certain parts of the year, and this is the prime time to engage in deadheading. As the name suggests, this involves chopping off all of the dead flower heads. While this may seem to be an extreme course of action initially, eventually the heads will grow back stronger and more colorful than before.

Add lighting

With so many discount stores now stocking solar lights, this is one of the easy alterations that can make a significant difference in the appearance of your garden. Whether you wish to add lighting down the side of a path or simply around your flower beds, it will bring the outside of your home to life and emphasise the positive elements of it. Furthermore, if you do choose the solar option, there’s no need to arrange for a power supply to be directed to the garden.

Opt for flowering perennials

If time is of the essence, the last thing you want is to keep investing and replacing flowers in your garden. Therefore, buy flowering perennials which require barely any maintenance and will provide your garden with guaranteed flowering on an annual basis.

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